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Top Tips on How You can Keep Your Desk Well Organised at Work

When you are at work it can be difficult to make sure you keep everything looking neat and tidy. This is because it is easy to leave things to gather on your desk causing it to have a messy appearance. However, through time if you persist on adding extra things to your workspace you will end up with a desk full of items that you can’t get rid of or don’t have any more space for. The team at Mini Statements have come up with some great tips that you can follow in order to keep your desk well Organised. Some of the tips they have come up with include:

  • Remove everything off your desk
  • Arrange everything into bundles
  • Clean up
  • File correctly


Why Removing All Items can Keep Your Desk Organised


In order to begin decluttering your desk, you need to remove everything and start from scratch. Although this will, unfortunately, create an even bigger mess, the end results will be worth all the hassle. The first thing to remember is that you must keep bin bags near for all the items you no longer need. You should also keep some folders handy to begin filing paperwork at a later stage.

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Keep Organised with Bundles


The second tip that the team at Mini Statements believe is useful to follow is when cleaning your workspace is to arrange all the items on your desk into bundles. This is a great way to keep your desk clean and tidy because it helps you to see the things you need as well as the things you can throw away.




Thirdly, in order to keep your desk organised it is a good idea to go around and clean up all the dust that has accumulated in the spaces that have been covered in paperwork for so long. This makes your desk feel a lot more fresh and clean.

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Filing can Help Your Desk Stay Clean


To ensure your desk looks more organised, you should consider filing all the paperwork you have properly. This may seem like a boring and time-consuming task, but it means that you will know where everything is and where it should be kept. You should keep a shelf or a certain part of your desk an area to put paperwork and files that you need. To ensure you don’t keep paper you don’t actually need, you should put a small paper bin under your desk so that no clutter starts to reappear on your desk.