Decorate your office desk and chairs office room

Guide on the Ways You Can Decorate Your Office Space at Work

At Mini Statements, we have come up with different ways that you can decorate your office look more fun over the years since 2007 thanks to our designer Glynn Jenkins. Mini Statements offer you some inventive ways that you can make your office stand out and look different from the rest. For example, we make desks out of cars and decorate other pieces of office furniture that you may like for your own office. If you are bored with your office space looking dull there are many ways you can decorate it by taking into consideration the following ideas:

  • Office themes (for inspiration)
  • Decorating desks with photo frames
  • Stationary facilities
  • Artificial plants/ flowers

Why Picking Themes can help Employers to decorate the office


When you want to decorate your office it can be hard to know where to start. One of the best places to begin when decorating your office would be picking the theme that you want through the office. By choosing an office theme, you can use it as a guide when it comes to buying items for your office.

How Employees can decorate their Office Space

Decorate your office stationery equipment different coloured pencils

There are a number of ways that employees can decorate their own office spaces. For example, they can display photos on their desks as well as artificial plants or flowers.  To keep stationary tidy and also look decorative they could get some stationary holders for their desk to keep what they need in order. Stationary equipment comes in a verity of colours which makes it great for desks as it can match almost anything. Employees can also purchase these in many different shops ranging from local supermarkets to shops that specifically sell office supplies and even places online. For an even lower cost, employees can try some DIY office decorations. This means they could be able to do something fun in their spare time at home or at work and save money.Decorate your office office plant

How to decorate your Office at Home


If you work from home you may find it harder to concentrate throughout the day due to not being in a natural office environment. If you add some office touches to your home office area you may find that you can focus better on the work you are doing. This also gives you something to do in your spare time throughout the day as well as help you to be able to organise your workspace better.