DIY Decorations making decorations for office recycling

Reasons Why DIY Decorations Can Help you Recycle in the Office

At Mini Statements, we believe there are many ways to recycle and reuse almost everything in the office. Since 2007 we have been turning traditional Mini vehicles into efficient desks for people to use. We have also been decorating other pieces of furniture over the years and believe that this is a great way to recycle items that would usually be thrown out. There are many different ways that you can recycle at work by making DIY decorations. Some of the materials that you can recycle in the office are:
• Plastic
• Paper
• Cardboard
• Metals
• Furniture

Plastic DIY Decorations

DIY Decorations laptop on desk diy plant

From bottled drinks to disposable cups, plastic is used in the office every day. Most of the plastic is thrown out into recycling bins but instead of sending all the plastic away there are many great uses for plastic around the office. For example, you could use bottles and cups as stationary holders. This means that your office supplies can be kept neat and all in one place where they are easily accessible.

Ways Paper can be Reused

DIY Decorations pencil stationary holder DIY

There are a number of ways that you can reuse paper at work. Offices use large amounts of paper on a daily basis which is why it is important to reuse paper as much as possible. There are loads of ways that you can reuse paper in the office that are useful and prevent you from putting used pieces in the recycling bin. If you are looking for somewhere to take note on something you are working on and you don’t intend to keep it then scrap pieces of paper would be fine to use instead of taking fresh pieces. This way you can help recycle more.

Ways that DIY Decorations can be Useful

DIY decorations can be useful if you are looking for some ways to keep your desk looking neat. One quick and simple way to do this is by using cardboard. If you are bored of wiping away drink spills and cup marks from your desk then you can use a piece of cardboard as a temporary coaster for your desk to avoid stains from spilt drinks. You can also use cardboard as a mouse mat. This means your mouse will be able to work a lot better and move across the desk surface easier as well as offering your wrist support and preventing your wrist from getting sore.