How To Avoid Neck And Back Pain At Desk Job

Sit Up Straight

If you work in an office job that requires sitting all day, prolonged sitting can change the shape of your spine and cause muscle imbalances. These imbalances can result in pain, discomfort, and other serious long-term health issues. To avoid this, it’s important to get up and move around on a regular basis while at your desk. There are a variety of under desk pedals and other devices that help keep you moving, active, and stretching on a daily basis, improving your posture and neck position.

Get Up Every Half Hour

One of the easiest ways to prevent back stiffness is to walk around every half hour. This can be as simple as getting up to get a drink of water or even going to the bathroom. These breaks will help to stretch out your muscles and increase your productivity.

Sitting all day can lead to postural strain, neck pain, and back pain. To avoid these problems, try to change up your posture, desk setup, and monitor position regularly. You should also take the stairs whenever possible, and park farther away from work so you have to walk more. 


Unless you work in the ER, grocery store or another job that requires movement, odds are you spend your day sitting. After hours spent staring at a computer screen and typing away, your neck and back start to twinge. Ibuprofen helps but doesn’t take the pain away entirely.

If you want to avoid neck and back pain, it’s important that you move around often and stretch your body to stay loose. This video by Bupa Physiotherapist Mike Livesey shows you how to get moving and some desk and office stretches that will help keep your back and neck healthy.