Why You Should Consider Wall Coating

For many people the idea of a thermal wall coating might seem a little’space age’ or overly complicated. In reality, modern coatings look very similar to a thick paint and can be coloured in almost any shade a client might desire.

They are designed to be a premium product that can add a significant amount of value to your property. However, there are also a number of practical benefits.


Wall coatings are typically applied much thicker than traditional exterior paint (up to 40 times as thick) which makes them hard-wearing and durable. This means they protect the walls from damage and also help to insulate a building, reducing energy costs.

This is particularly important for homes in the UK, which can be subject to harsh weather conditions like rain, frost and snow. Durable coatings for walls can protect the home from damage and prevent cracking, rotting and other problems.

Water Resistant

Waterproof coatings protect walls and structures from moisture damage. When applied properly, these materials can stop groundwater from seeping through the surface of the wall and trapping it inside. Trapped moisture causes traditional water damage and can even freeze, leading to structural problems and irreversible results. It also creates a breeding ground for mould and fungi.

Bathrooms and WCs are a common place for the growth of mildew, which spreads quickly if not stopped early. Mould spores are then dispersed throughout the air, causing health problems for those who breathe in these spores. Waterproof paint prevents the development of mildew and mould, minimizing the potential for health issues.

Energy Efficient

As opposed to a standard tin of masonry paint that can be opened and applied by anyone, an external wall coating is a specialist product that requires training and the use of specialised equipment to apply. It is normally up to 40 times thicker than DIY emulsion paint and is often used to repair, restore and protect structural walls and facades.

The coatings are super hydrophobic (water repellent), preventing water ingress into the porous substrate and therefore avoiding damp brick walls that can cause all sorts of issues over time. They also prevent the absorption of heat into a wall, making them much more energy efficient.

Low Maintenance

Unlike traditional masonry paints which need to be reapplied, quality exterior wall coatings are designed for durability and longevity. As well as enhancing the aesthetics of your property, they can add value and save you money on costly repairs and maintenance.

These high-performance coatings can be applied to most brick, block, concrete and natural stone surfaces. They protect and restore building materials that would otherwise be damaged by thermal cycling, freeze thaw conditions, harsh weather, UV and the impact of rain and snow.