temporary exhibition structures

Temporary Exhibition Structures for Bespoke Desks and Office Furniture Exhibition

An exhibition of any kind is generally a temporary affair. Sure, you can rent out space in a building or exhibition centre but do you really want to go through all the hassle and still not get it exactly how you envisioned it?

Temporary exhibition structures are the new generation of temporary structures for exhibitions. They can be custom-made to size, shape and design specifications but it’s not just a hollow shell! Temporary exhibition structures can be decked out with the latest technologies to make it an interactive experience for guests.

Planning an Exhibition for Bespoke Desks and Office Furniture

If you are planning an exhibition to showcase bespoke desks and office furniture, then you should consider temporary exhibition structures. Temporary exhibition structures can offer all of the space and facilities you need to hold an exhibition for bespoke desks and office furniture. No matter what size of structure you need, you can get it from exhibition companies across the UK.

Advantages Temporary Exhibition Structures

There are many advantages to using temporary exhibition structures for a bespoke desk and office furniture exhibition, including;

Temporary Exhibition Structures

The name of these type of structures is a huge giveaway. Temporary exhibition structures are just that – temporary. Even though these types of structures can be used for extended periods of time, there is no obligation to do so. It’s not like building a permanent structure that you may be stuck with and not have a use for.


As mentioned above, temporary exhibition structures can be made to match your specifications exactly. If you have a specific design in mind, it can be achieved with very little stress and hassle – as long as you give the specifications prior to the installation. Hiring a building may be a good idea if you are looking for something standard but if you want to stand out and think outside the box, then temporary exhibition structures may be ideal for you.


For what you get with temporary exhibition structures, they can actually work out to be a really cost-effective solution. Transforming an existing building to fit your ideals for the exhibition may be costly and some changes may not be possible. Temporary exhibition structures are available to match your needs entirely.

Quick and Easy to Install

One of the best characteristics of these kinds of structures is that they are quick and easy to install. Depending on the type of structure you choose, it will take on average 28 days for your exhibition structure to be up and running. Compared to the time it takes to build a permanent building, this is an incredibly speedy process. Temporary exhibitions do not require foundations and often don’t need planning permission – although it is always best to check what the policies are in your local area are.